Peterborough County Farmers’ Markets

With new models of direct-to-consumer food marketing popping up, it can be difficult to make sense of it all. The list of markets below includes only true farmers’ markets, according to the Farmers’ Markets Ontario definition.  For more details about the definition of farmers’ markets and other marketing models, visit Farmers’ Markets Ontario’s (FMO) membership page.
To learn about the public safety protocols and best practices for farmers’ markets that FMO has developed in partnership with public health officials, click here.

REMEMBER: If you are looking for local food, you can always ask a farmer questions like “Did you grow this product on your farm?” and “Where is your farm located?”.

Keep an eye on each Market’s website and/or social media for dates and times

Havelock Farmers’ Market

Kinmount Farmers’ Market
Instagram @KinmountFarmersMarket

Lakefield Farmers’ Market

Millbrook Farmers’ Market
This market is also operating as a REKO Group.
To learn more about REKOs, check out REKO Canada’s website.

Peterborough Wednesday Farmers’ Market
Instagram @PtboDowntownMarket

Peterborough Farmers’ Market

Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market
Instagram @PtboRFM