Grow at Home

Growing food at home is a healthy activity that is educational and fun for the whole family. And you get to eat the results!

Make sure you take advice from people and organizations located in a similar growing zone to the Peterborough region.
We are: Plant Hardiness Zone: 5b
Average last frost date: May 24th – June 1st

Here are some reliable resources:

Nourish grow workshops teach participants to grow their own food. Workshops explore a range of growing topics, from seed starting, garden planning, container gardening, companion planting, seed saving, much more. Check out their blog for on-line resources and events page for upcoming classes and events.

Join the Grow Food Peterborough Facebook group

76 plans for making raised beds in your backyard

No-dig approach to begin gardening on lawn (video)

Watch online recorded workshops and register for live workshops by Just Food in Ottawa

Recordings of Foodshare Toronto webinars:
Balcony and Container Gardening:
Intro to Gardening 201: topics such as Companion Planting, Plant Families, Pest and disease ID and Management, Plant Feeding and Maintenance, Mulching, and shutting your garden down for winter: password: Food4all!

Free resources from Black Creek Community Farm in Toronto:

Toronto Urban Growers is a network of urban growers and organizations working on urban agriculture that host regular networking meetings and knowledge exchanges between urban growers via tours, a website, social media and an online forum. You can join their Google Group HERE.

Free online courses from Fruition Seeds in the northeastern U.S. (New York state)