Looking to eat healthy? Eat Local!

Eating local is a great way to support individual and community health!

Local Food is Fresh!

Eating locally, and in season means that you are consuming freshly picked foods. Produce in larger grocery stores could have been picked many weeks ago & travelled long distances to get to your plate. Local food is often picked shortly before arriving at market, farm stands and even on local grocery shelves. Fresher picked means more nutrients and healthier ingredients!

Here is some great information on the benefits of eating local from Dieticians of Canada

Local Food has lots of Variety!

Watching the seasons unfold with local food can bring a cornucopia of delights to your plate. Spring often brings tender greens, asparagus and the first of the fresh produce. As summer comes along, so does an abundance of summer squashes, the first of the root crops and other delights. As the days get warmer consumers can purchase a huge diversity of fruits and vegetables across our community. Once fall starts to show signs of leaves changing, market stalls are covered with the ends of summer produce as well as diversity of squashes and root crops. Of course, the Peterborough region also has many amazing meat and dairy farmers as well as syrup and honey producers who can provide fresh, local ingredients year round. Eating seasonally provides nutritionally dense and delicious foods!

When shopping locally & seasonally, things can often be cheaper at their peak, so stock up, enjoy and preserve things while they are abundant!

Learn more about what is in season and when!

Shop local and support your community!

Not only is eating local and seasonal food great for your health, but it is great for your community too. My shopping local, you are supporting local farmers, and the money stays in your community! Looking to find local producers? Here is a great list of Farmers’ Markets in the region, and Peterborough Farm Fresh is a newly launched tool helps you find great local farmers to support