Have a Local Thanksgiving!

Here in the Peterborough region, we are lucky to have a huge diversity of farmers, producers and distributors working hard to fill the tables of community members with the freshest most delicious food available!

This Thanksgiving, why not celebrate with a local meal? This thanksgiving may look different than many in the past, perhaps you are skipping the extra large family meal, celebrating with your bubble or hoping for beautiful weather to eat outside. No matter how you celebrate, you can fill your table with fresh local food!

There are many local Farmers’ Markets that will be open on Saturday October 10th, and the week leading up to the long weekend, be sure to stop by to stock up on all kinds of local meats, vegetables, dairy, honey, maple syrup, baked goods, treats and decorations for your tables!

If you would rather order ahead, or skip the market, you can check out Peterborough Farm Fresh for a growing listing of local farmers and look for those taking pre-orders or offering farm pick-ups!

Did you know that if each person spent just $5 per week on Local Food, it would inject $55 million into our local economy annually? Farmers work hard year round to ensure that we have access to fresh delicious foods, this year more than ever they need your support, so why not serve the best food possible, support our local economy and show them some love at the same time?  Buy Local, Buy Fresh!