Planting Garlic

Planting Garlic

Image from Old World Garden Farms

Growing your own garlic is fun & easy! Garlic fresh from the garden is a taste that is hard to beat, it’s fragrant, flavourful & very good for you. Now, before the snow starts flying, is the perfect time to plant garlic.

One of the greatest things about growing garlic, is, all you need is garlic! Local garlic is best, as it is adapted to growing in our region & at times, garlic shipped from afar can be sprayed so it will not sprout, and in order to grow, it needs to sprout!
So head on down to a local farmers’ market, or visit some great local farms such as Selwyn Garlic to pick up some bulbs and plant your own!

Here are some great tips on growing garlic from Peterborough Master Gardeners and some how to tips from our friends at Nourish, and a how-to video!

Eat Seasonally Year Round!

Eat Seasonally Year Round!

Kale planted for winter harvesting at Cedar Grove Organic Farm

When many people think about eating locally, they picture summer & fall market stands full of abundant local produce and all the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables available in warmer months, but, did you know that you can eat locally year round?

The following are some great ways to eat locally throughout the year:

  1. Learn what is in season and when. Eating seasonally means you are getting fresh, nutritious foods, and they are usually more affordable at peak season! Be sure to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables when they are most abundant, enjoy, and consider canning, freezing or otherwise preserving the bounty when it is available. Below is a great chart, and you can also find lots of links & accompanying recipes from FoodLand Ontario
  2. Eat seasonally: Even the depth of winter can offer an abundance of mushrooms, root crops, squashes and greenhouse grown greens so that you can enjoy fresh produce year round! Visit year-round Farmers’ Markets including Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market and Peterborough Farmers’ Market on Saturdays to stock up on these and other local year round products.
  3. Get to know your meat & dairy producers for year round local food! Check out our newly developed & ever growing list of local farmers at Peterborough Farm Fresh to learn about purchasing local food year round!
  4. Sweeten up: You can purchase honey and maple syrup year round to sweeten up delicious recipes!

FREE Online Community Meal and Film Screening

The Seasoned Spoon is pleased to announce our first ever Online Community Meal and Film Screening on Wednesday October 21st from 5:30 – 7:00pm
While we are saddened it is not yet possible to join together in person, we are still excited to keep this wonderful tradition alive in the virtual sphere for now. Please join us for a potluck-style Zoom hangout followed by a short film and panel discussion. Invite your friends and family to join too. Everyone welcome. This event is free.
Please register here. A zoom link will be sent upon registration.

Have a Local Thanksgiving!

Here in the Peterborough region, we are lucky to have a huge diversity of farmers, producers and distributors working hard to fill the tables of community members with the freshest most delicious food available!

This Thanksgiving, why not celebrate with a local meal? This thanksgiving may look different than many in the past, perhaps you are skipping the extra large family meal, celebrating with your bubble or hoping for beautiful weather to eat outside. No matter how you celebrate, you can fill your table with fresh local food!

There are many local Farmers’ Markets that will be open on Saturday October 10th, and the week leading up to the long weekend, be sure to stop by to stock up on all kinds of local meats, vegetables, dairy, honey, maple syrup, baked goods, treats and decorations for your tables!

If you would rather order ahead, or skip the market, you can check out Peterborough Farm Fresh for a growing listing of local farmers and look for those taking pre-orders or offering farm pick-ups!

Did you know that if each person spent just $5 per week on Local Food, it would inject $55 million into our local economy annually? Farmers work hard year round to ensure that we have access to fresh delicious foods, this year more than ever they need your support, so why not serve the best food possible, support our local economy and show them some love at the same time?  Buy Local, Buy Fresh!

Fall Abundance

Fall Abundance

As we enter into the first week of Fall, the leaves are changing and so are market and farm stands. Tomatoes are giving way to squash, colourful root crops are providing a rainbow of delicousness to meals.

Chefs and home cooks a like are bringing out their soup pots & roasting pans, canning and freezing the last of summer abundance and enjoying all that our local food system has to offer!

Here are some great seasonal recipe ideas from Foodland Ontario

What are your favourite fall recipes?

What local ingredients are you most excited to enjoy this season?

Are you canning, freezing or storing anything special this fall?

Share your recipes with us over social media, tag us at @LocalFoodPtbo and use the #localfoodptbo and we will share with our other followers!

Check out your local Farmers’ Markets & Farm stands and the newly launched Peterborough Farm Fresh directory to link directly to local producers and to stock up today!

Looking to eat healthy? Eat Local!

Eating local is a great way to support individual and community health!

Local Food is Fresh!

Eating locally, and in season means that you are consuming freshly picked foods. Produce in larger grocery stores could have been picked many weeks ago & travelled long distances to get to your plate. Local food is often picked shortly before arriving at market, farm stands and even on local grocery shelves. Fresher picked means more nutrients and healthier ingredients!

Here is some great information on the benefits of eating local from Dieticians of Canada

Local Food has lots of Variety!

Watching the seasons unfold with local food can bring a cornucopia of delights to your plate. Spring often brings tender greens, asparagus and the first of the fresh produce. As summer comes along, so does an abundance of summer squashes, the first of the root crops and other delights. As the days get warmer consumers can purchase a huge diversity of fruits and vegetables across our community. Once fall starts to show signs of leaves changing, market stalls are covered with the ends of summer produce as well as diversity of squashes and root crops. Of course, the Peterborough region also has many amazing meat and dairy farmers as well as syrup and honey producers who can provide fresh, local ingredients year round. Eating seasonally provides nutritionally dense and delicious foods!

When shopping locally & seasonally, things can often be cheaper at their peak, so stock up, enjoy and preserve things while they are abundant!

Learn more about what is in season and when!

Shop local and support your community!

Not only is eating local and seasonal food great for your health, but it is great for your community too. My shopping local, you are supporting local farmers, and the money stays in your community! Looking to find local producers? Here is a great list of Farmers’ Markets in the region, and Peterborough Farm Fresh is a newly launched tool helps you find great local farmers to support

Free No-Till Gardening Workshop

To help celebrate urban agriculture week, Natalie Boustead of FoodShare will be hosting a free workshop on No Till Gardening tips, tricks and tools this Thursday September 17th from 3-4pm.

Folks can click the link below to register and they’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link 🙂 Hope to see you there!

Agricultural Fairs

Agricultural Fairs

Fall Fairs have been a tradition in this region, and many others for a very long time. They give local farmers, gardeners and students a chance to showcase their prized livestock, vegetables and crafts, and visitors the chance to learn more about local farms and the diversity of local farmers and farm products available in our region. They are a time for rural and urban dwellers to come together and appreciate the farming culture in their communities.

This year, like so many other things, many of the fall fairs have been cancelled, but organizers are working hard to continue the spirit of the fairs despite all these changes. Find a list of local Agricultural Fairs, and any updates for 2020 here.

2020 would have been the 175th anniversary of the Peterborough Ex, to adjust to the times, the Ex is hosting an on-line fair this fall, entries are open to rural and urban residents alike and include such fun activities as ‘Best Front Yard’, “Longest Dog Tail’ and “Longest Zucchini”. Check out their site and enter today! They will be sharing stories about their history, entries and winners from this season and more on their facebook page, so you can follow along in the fun!

The Norwood Fall Fair , a popular tradition in this area has been running every Thanksgiving weekend since 1868! Sadly, this year, it has been cancelled due to Covid-19, but do check out their website to see lots of highlights from past years, and start planning your entries for years to come!

The Toronto Garlic Festival, a popular event, where garlic farmers from all over Ontario and beyond get together with garlic lovers to celebrate this potent root, has also gone on-line this season. They will have music, speakers and cooking demos for garlic lovers to follow along with!

Seven Steps to Growing Great Garlic

Garlic is easy & rewarding to grow in western New York! Here are the keys for success, step by step, plus the
common mistakes people make and their simple solutions to surround you with abundance for years to come.

Join life-long gardener, Naples native & co-founder of Fruition Seeds, Petra Page-Mann for this gardening program on September 11th at 4 pm.

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Webinar: 7 Seeds to Sow in September

Whether you have a greenhouse, high tunnel, raised bed or a few feet of empty garden space, there are a surprising number of seeds you can sow this September to surround yourself with abundance for months to come. With the right seeds, tools and timing the seeds you sow will feed you for seasons to come! Join life-long grower and co-founder of Fruition Seeds, Petra Page-Mann, to explore the possibilities.

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